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An Obstetrician looks after a pregnant lady from before pregnancy, during pregnancy, delivering the baby, and then looking after you after the pregnancy.

Having a baby is one of life’s momentous occasions and if you’ve ever had one you’ll appreciate it ought to be on everyone’s bucket list. Though it is supposed to be a natural process there are many inherent dangers and problems that can occur all along the way. Modern medicine has enabled wonderful results to be achieved.

The first visit occurs shortly after diagnosis when the condition, site and number of pregnancies is verified using ultrasound scanning. From then on, once the pregnancy is established, visits tend to be monthly until the third trimester. Specialist ultrasound appointments are utilised for prenatal diagnosis and morphology studies.

Kareena Private Hospital is a very comfortable, efficient and excellent place for delivering and caring for babies with all the necessary resources. Paediatricians and Anaesthetists play an important role at delivery and postnatal care is well facilitated with comfortable appointments and great lactation assistance.


A word on Obstetric Care
No one can say that having a baby is “good for you”. The process of being pregnant and delivering your baby though supposed to be beautiful and wholesome can all too often be difficult and dangerous. Thus, good obstetric care allows problems to be identified before they adversely affect mother and baby.


Issues we might commonly deal with:

  •    Contraception – Oral or Implants

   •    Mirena coil, Implanon device, Nuvaring

   •    Dealing with abnormal pap smears (Colposcopy)

   •    Ovarian cysts and problems

   •    Fertility and infertility discussions

   •    Endometriosis

   •    Period Problems –    

        *  too heavy  (menorrhagia)

        *  too painful (dysmenorrhoea)

   •    Fibroids

   •    Prolapse of the uterus and vaginal walls

   •    Pelvic pain

   •    Menopause – symptoms and how to deal with them


Colposcopy is a procedure where the cervix is closely studied, under a bright light with magnification. Various solutions are used to demonstrate areas of abnormality, which maybe the source of abnormal cells -reported on a pap smear. This procedure is performed in the office and is not typically any more uncomfortable than a pap smear.

Mirena Coils

Mirena coils are a great invention developed at the turn of the century. They are an inch long, plastic T shape device which is placed inside the uterus, coated in a solid layer of Progesterone which slowly dissolves over the years and keeps the lining of the uterus suppressed. They offer very effective contraception and are equally used in the management of heavy periods. Mirena’s are usually inserted under ultrasound guidance in the office. It is typically a little more involved than a pap smear but my patient’s are pleasantly surprised at how it is not as painful as anticipated. Occassionally we do need an anaesthetic to achieve our goal, which is performed in theatre.

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